Pros and Cons of Trumpcare – American Health Care Act (AHCA)

Pros and Cons of Trumpcare – American Health Care Act (AHCA) Like it or not, the leadership of Barack Obama has ended and now the United States is led by a new president, Donald Trump, the winner of the American presidential election that was held a few months ago. Obviously, the policies announced by the new US president are definitely different from the policies of the previous president, especially in terms of health care. The USA had Obamacare when Obama … Read More

Enrollments for Obamacare Increase after Trump’s Election

Enrollments for Obamacare Increase after Trump’s Election Last week, HHS reported an increase in the number of those enrolling for the coverage of the Affordable Care Act’s federal exchange after Donald Trump was elected. Trump repeatedly said it was among his priorities to repeal the law upon assuming office. On the 9th of November, at least 100,000 enrollment were recorded. Since the 1st of November when the enrollment so began, that is the highest figure recorded. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, … Read More

Should Healthcare Be Government’s Responsibility?

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Should Healthcare be Government’s Responsibility? For quite a long time, there has been the debate in the United States as to whether the government should be responsible for healthcare. There are those who believe that it is the government’s responsibility to provide healthcare for its citizens while there are those who also believe that the government should not be responsible. What it means Universal healthcare is a specific type of healthcare where everyone is provided with health coverage irrespective of … Read More

ObamaCare – A Fresh Reform for US Citizens

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Recently the US government has introduced a new health care plan for the people of the country called as ObamaCare. It is also known as the Affordable Care Act and its purpose is to provide a healthy lifestyle to the people with improved medical facilities. A step is taken to provide superior health care facilities through various kinds of health insurance plans and lots more. These benefits are not only meant for the senior citizens but the adults as well. … Read More

Are You Ready For The ObamaCare?

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Are You Ready For The Obamacare? As an American citizen, one question may have plagued you and this is How will Obamacare affect me?” This is amongst the most common questions with regards to Obamacare. Ever since, President Barrack Obama signed this to make it a law many detractors have come up that are shedding some light on the alleged negative effects of Obamacare. Here is a summary of the provisions from the said medicaid health care reform: This Affordable … Read More

Universal Health Care is ObamaCare’s Future?

 Universal Health Care is ObamaCare’s Future? The goal that had eluded various US presidents over the centuries was to set out a broad plan in order to replace the nation’s patchwork healthcare coverage with a universal system which is ultimately put in use by Barack Obama’s Obamacare. Many doctor groups have warned that this healthcare plan would lead to an explosion in costs for health insurance. This is a testimony from those thousands of people who are uninsured and relate … Read More

Pros of ObamaCare

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The Reasons you need ObamaCare Well, every White House administration has to be remembered with something great. The Bush administration is remembered with tackling of terrorism. Though the administration is blamed for economic downfall but it did great with anti-terror war. Now the Obama administration is here; what would it be remembered for? Well, it goes without saying that the controversial Affordable Care Act, also known as the ObamaCare is what the president and his administration will be remembered for. … Read More

Cons of ObamaCare

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The Reasons against ObamaCare In 2009, the democrats under the leadership of Barrack Obama marched to White house in a historic win of the 2008 USA presidential elections. For the first time, an African American became the president of the United States of America. President Obama had run a successful campaign under the banner of Change. Well, true to his campaign promise, he brought change in America. But the question remains to be if it was change that America wanted … Read More

Is ObamaCare Universal Health Care?

Is ObamaCare Universal HealthCare? President Barrack Obama became the president of the United States of America in 2008 and has since then made quite a number of changes in the running of the government and provision of basic services. One sector that Obama will be remembered with is the health sector. The infamous Affordable Care Act, also known as the ObamaCare, has been a subject of nationwide debate. The Obama administration claims that Affordable Care Act is universal healthcare. Before … Read More

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