Cons of ObamaCare

The Reasons against ObamaCare

In 2009, the democrats under the leadership of Barrack Obama marched to White house in a historic win of the 2008 USA presidential elections. For the first time, an African American became the president of the United States of America. President Obama had run a successful campaign under the banner of Change. Well, true to his campaign promise, he brought change in America. But the question remains to be if it was change that America wanted or his personal change? There are some changes President Obama has made in his regime and the most talked of is the ObamaCare (the Affordable Care Act). This law has sparked a huge debate over its ‘affordability’. In as much as the president pushed for the law in good faith, it has some bad effects on the economy of the country. To be mentioned below here are some of the reasons against ObamaCare.

The Cons of ObamaCare

The law only caters for the middle and low income earners leaving out the high income earners to suffer loss. A law should not be designed in a way that it favors a particular group of people. It should have looked for ways of helping the poor but not necessarily punishing the rich.

In order to get the money that will insure the millions of Americans in need of health insurance, the taxpayer will have to go deep in the pocket. Again here, the issue of punishing a group of people to help others is very evident. President Obama should have pushed for this law if he had other alternatives of getting the funds to insure millions of Americans.

The law also requires insurance companies to cover sick people. While to others it might sound as a reprieve, the bigger picture is a situation where the premiums are raised for everybody so as to expand the pool.

Instead of addressing the issue of cost of healthcare, the law puts more emphasis on ensuring that everyone is covered. This is lack of setting up the right priorities.

ObamaCare has made the cost of Medicare to increase. This is because payments made to doctors and hospitals have been limited thus forcing the increase in Medicare cost.

Employee health benefits are expensive. If the employer covers you, there is no assistance, bringing up the issue of selective choice of coverage.

ObamaCare on its own is very complicated even for its target, low and middle income earners. The complications have not been addressed leaving people in great confusion.

President Obama might have been having a good will on this law but he should have known of the implications of such a law. America is already broke, spending millions of dollars in foreign missions and internal security and therefore adding such a huge burden on the taxpayer is not beneficial to all citizens.

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