Are You Ready For The ObamaCare?

Are You Ready For The Obamacare?

As an American citizen, one question may have plagued you and this is How will Obamacare affect me?” This is amongst the most common questions with regards to Obamacare. Ever since, President Barrack Obama signed this to make it a law many detractors have come up that are shedding some light on the alleged negative effects of Obamacare.

Here is a summary of the provisions from the said medicaid health care reform:

  • This Affordable Care Act provides quality health care to every citizen in America irrespective of the gender, income sexuality and race. Despite the mandated taxes this Affordable Care Act is set to make health insurance more affordable.
  • When you sign in the application for Obamacare, it increases the physician’s payments at par with Medicare. It will provide the people with more options when it comes to choosing a doctor.
  • The Undocumented Immigrants who cannot buy health insurance will now be able to get assistance for upfront payments via the Health Insurance Exchanges as well as Medicaid and Medicare.

There are also many pros and cons of ObamaCare which are as follows:


  • A lot of uninsured people can gain access the affordable and quality health plans.
  • Inclusion of many brand-new consumer benefits and protections
  • The healthcare spending of the individuals will be reduced.


  • Heavy taxes will be levied on those with high income so as to serve all those needy with subsidized insurance plans.
  • If you are on Medicare then you can expect to find your benefits shrinking on account of ObamaCare spending cuts. There will be a decreased reimbursement for medical care services in the form of spending cuts that will effectively disincentivize the professional medical providers from accepting Medicare.
  • If you have insurance due to an employer then you can drop your plans due to the ascending prices.
  • It is a plan that has been focussed around the idea of facilitating insurance to everyone than actually worrying about the cost of care in the first place.
  • There will be an increase of 20% penalty for making non-allowable purchases increases.

Irrespective of what you think about ObamaCare, you should remember that it’s certainly not only about spending and cuts. The Affordable Care Act certainly aims to form a sustainable climate. It is simply a case that people hold what would seem to be impossibly different views of what way the act could play out.

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