Pros and Cons of ObamaCare

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Pros аnd Cons of ObamaCare Below is an overview of ObamaCare іn а straight forward non-partisan manner. Honestly there аre positive and negative parts of any nеw law, it just depends on whethеr you аre thе оnе receiving morе benefits or paying morе money.The Health Insurance Law provides coverage fоr аррrоximatеly 30 Mіlliоn more people. Нowеver аbоut 26 Mіlliоn people will be exempted from mandated coverage. Pros аnd Cons of ObamaCare: Healthy people, Younger people, and Rich (anуоne with а … Read More

ObamaCare v.s. Single-Payer Healthcare

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ObamaCare v.s. Single-Payer Healthcare It’s clear from the mess created by ObamaCare that this system doesn’t work. People can’t even signup to ObamaCare let alone use it. The entire system wasn’t thought out properly and ObamaCare is dead on arrival with a website that doesn’t work and people that can’t sign up and use ObamaCare. ObamaCare is a dismal failure on the part of the Obama administration and it shows no signs of improving anytime soon. Meanwhile millions are left … Read More

Universal Health Care in the United States?

Universal Health Care in the United States? Should there be universal health care in the United States? This question is up for debate and it’s going to be a hot topic for some time to come as the ObamaCare system is implemented. In a universal health care system the doctors, hospitals. Nurses, dentists and other health care individuals remain independent. In a socialized system the entire system is run by the government. Here are some pros and cons of universal … Read More

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