Why Universal Healthcare is Bad for America?

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Why Universal Healthcare is Bad for America?

Universal health care is kind of health care insurance in which anyone is given a chance to be covered based on their age, race, income, gender, and wealth. It means that you will be eligible to have a universal health care as long as you become a part of a citizen in a certain country such as the citizens of the United States. In fact, there are over 45 million people in the US who are registered in health care and they are against the universal health care. There are some reasons why universal healthcare is a bad idea for the people in the US, but there are several things why America really needs this universal health care.

Some Facts about US Health Care

First, The US health care either universal or private is known to be insanely expensive which becomes disadvantage for those who have health care in the US. Suppose the system of health care converts to be its own economy or break off from the US, then it may become the fifth biggest all around the world. Perhaps, it could even be bigger than the France and the UK. Another insane point of view of US health care is that most of private health care systems manage on the public health care system and the US spends more on public healthcare sector rather than UK, Canada, Australia, and Japan. It is also known why US health care is really expensive due to cost service when hiring a doctor and it is more expensive than we go to doctors in Canada.

The second fact is that someone pays his doctor because the doctor gives so much health care, not because they give a good health care service to you. Being a wealthy doctor in the US is quite simple. The doctor only needs to prescribe treatment. It is known that the US either universal or private health care system is described as a fee for the service. The patients have to pay much according to the service that they obtain.

The third important fact that you have to know is that having a universal health care in the US is dangerous. Why? It is undeniable that there are so many problems related universal health care where patients are killed in a year and it is known that the medical error in hospitals may kill more patients compared with the cancer diseases, and other dangerous diseases. This situation is known to have much to do with a medical culture where the doctors never talk about their faults. There is no attention toward this problem and it is also quite clear that there is behavior change over the abstract data of the complication universal health care. People die on TV, they are published while the patient dies due to the hospital’s mistakes, no one knows about it. This is why universal is not best option for US people.

The fourth fact is that approximately one third universal healthcare spending is not really helping. The US country spends a lot of money for overall health care but it cannot make the citizens healthy enough, and this is one of the disadvantages. It is known that 50 percent of medicine related was wasteful but it cannot be determined specifically. The US wasteful system commonly happens because the country does not run efficient health care system where thousands of health insurance services have different prices for the same scan and surgery.

The fifth is that Obamacare does not belong to universal health care despite most of the people don’t think about the positive effects of universal health care. Obamacare was expected to cover more than 24 million citizens by 2024 but it is not a universal healthcare at all. Obamacare will not cover everyone because Obamacare will not eliminate the uninsurance and the will be a half of people who will get this coverage despite this health care is implemented fully, there will millions of people who still don’t get the coverage of the Obamacare.

Positive Effects of Universal HealthCare

Though most of the people did not wish to have universal health care, there are positive effects of universal health care that they may not realize such as giving a chance to uninsured 45 million people to get insured by the government insurance system, giving a chance to those who cannot afford commercial health care insurance to get universal insurance, a free medical service will motivate any patients to get preventive medicine, and anyone who is in pre-existing condition will have a chance to get health coverage.

The Cons of Universal HealthCare

Though it offers advantages, the universal health care also has a lot of cons which make universal health care is not the best option for the people in the US. Here are some of the cons why free healthcare is a bad idea.

  • Universal health care also known as free health care is not actually free because the registered members must pay it using certain taxes.
  • Individual ingenuity, competition, and profit motives always lead to bigger cost effectiveness and control.
  • There will be no patient flexibility because the health care is controlled by the government.
  • The procedure from the government will make doctor flexibility reduced and there will be a chance for patients to get poor care.
  • Anyone who feels healthy but needs a health care must still pay for the expense of those who are obese, smoke, and much more.
  • The cost of malpractice lawsuit can increase because the government controls it and expose the government to legal liability as well as a chance to sue somebody with a low budget will give more lawsuits.
  • Since the government controls the universal health care, the drugs, health care equipment, and the service may be determined about who would get what.
  • Anyone who is part of a universal health care member may have an extremely long waits when needing a treatment.

Those are some problems with the universal health care why most of the US people are against this kind of health care. Though some of the European countries apply this universal health care to their people, but most of the people in the US debate it and they do not wish to join it because it offers disadvantages. However, there are some of the citizens who still want to get his health care service and realize that universal health care is quite necessary for certain people.

11 Responses

  1. Shaz
    | Reply

    This article has some good points about the pros and cons of universal health care. Try to check your facts though some of the assumptions you made can be misleading.

  2. Tammy
    | Reply

    Long wait list for a procedure is better than not getting any care at all.

    Lack of access to health care in the preventive medicine means illness are more sever thus more costly when found.

    Canada, UK and other developed counterparts find cures and develope new treatments for illness. The only difference between other countries and the US is the average citizen can afford new treatments.

    It is already difficult to sue a doctor or hospital in the US.

    Waste is paying staff to track down individual insurance benefits and making sure documentation is sufficient to convince insurance to cover procedures….this processwould be streamlined in universal health care.

    Funny how Canada has universal health care but medications even when bought privately are cheaper.

    Strange how those citizen in universal health care countries never opt to adopt the US system….

    • Chris bitch
      | Reply

      How would you not get any care at all right now in the US?
      Serious question because when I had no insurance I still got treatment? You cannot be denied treatment but that won’t mean you won’t get a bill.. and like your logic goes better to get treatment with a huge bill than none at all so.. statement invalid there boss.. and strange how they don’t want to adopt because they can’t because they’re broke! The fact is free healthcare will most definitely be free at all, your taxes a year will go up and you will now be paying for insurance for literally everyone together.. so whether you’re sick or not you will be paying for someone that broke their arm. And just think once everything if “free” how well do you think you will be taken care of.. now that everything is free we don’t need these crazy expensive doctors because no one is going to pay for them so now you’re getting shit treatment.. god you people are beyond fucking stupid and just reaching for a handout.. one day that hand you reach for will be a knife.

      • Jeremy Bentham
        | Reply

        “…you will now be paying for insurance for literally everyone together…”
        Ummm…isn’t that how private insurance works?

  3. Uknow
    | Reply

    If EVERYONE had to pay towards getting universal insurance that would be one thing, but as it is now with those who get free healthcare it’s the rest of us with jobs who flit the bill with the taxes they take, case in point, pay check gross was 1200.00 bucks, after taxes 775.00. You want ins and you want to be covered THEN PAY YOUR SHARE!! Why should hard working Americans have to pay for those who dont want to work. I know many people who are on disability and can still work so many hours a week and still get FREE health care. That is BS!!

  4. Angela
    | Reply

    This article is so grossly skewed and brings up issues that are not even related to universal healthcare. There is also no citations for this information to back up any of this information.

    Please do not take this article seriously.

    • Chris
      | Reply

      What you can’t read or something?

  5. Rockdeman
    | Reply

    European born & raised, US citizen here. “Anyone who is part of a universal health care member may have an extremely long waits when needing a treatment.” Extreme here means, a couple of weeks maybe months. BUT ONLY if your treatment is not urgent. Think getting your boobs enlarged. Or maybe even when a new knee. What’s the rush here anyway? The people who need urgent care having cancer, strokes, (covid-19 these days) will be helped immediately and yes for free.

    You must realize that the only reason why Americans can get their boobs enlarged while also getting some new knees within 24 hrs is only possible because tens of millions of Americans have no health care at all and won’t be using the system. And then there’s an even much larger group on cheap shitty bronze medal plans who won’t be getting the new boobs only the knees if they really, really have to. So many Americans are priced out of access to treatment that the rest who is on some fancy pants medical plan can be helped quickly.

    Also and here’s something to think about: the quality of the hospitals in NYC vs say Amsterdam… Amsterdam just wins. What is perceived as a “really good hospital” by NYC locals, like say NYU Langome, that is just a statement without meaning to the people in Amsterdam. It confuses them as in “what do you means? that seems to suggest you also have… bad hospitals?” Unlike in NYC, ALL Amsterdam hospitals area really good, there simply just are no crappy second tier hospitals. There are no networks either, it’s *universal*. You don’t need to worry your doctor or ambulance or cardiologist or dentist or whatsoever is not covered by your insurance network. There is no network. Or you could argue it’s all one big gigantic network and everyone is in it.

    Finally I am saying NYC vs Amsterdam to make the comparison a bit more direct and first hand experienced for many many years. But it really applies to all Dutch hospitals not just the Amsterdam ones. And actually it also applies to all other neighboring states within the EU. France. Germany. Belgium. Sweden. Finland. Spain. Italy. I know the UK just left but even the UK (albeit not as good at the neighbours, still pretty good).

    Europe wins this comparison anyway you slice it. The USA has no Healthcare System, it’s a patchwork of loosely organised entities. The US hospitals that are considered “really good” are at best on par with Western Europe. The rest in the US not so much.

    The one big difference is that when you go for medical care in the USA it’s worse than buying a second hand care from Craigslist. The doctors, the hospital, the insurance, everyone will try and screw you over. Prices are not transparent (other than: 5x the price of the exact same treatment in Europe – that is, if you had to pay in Europe lol)
    Medical bills come out of the woodwork. The “free annual checkup” at the GP? Well that is still $35 for the first visit, $180 for the bloodwork (sorry bud the lab is an external 3rd party company not covered by your insurance!) and then another $35 for the second visit to discuss the results. THIS my European and American friend reading this, is a travesty.

    And we have final proof. Covid-19. The mortality rate *per capita* in the US his now double of the EU.

  6. Clint Crofford
    | Reply

    I’ve lived in Canada and in USA
    With covid-19 there are now millions of Americans with no medical insurance at all… so it must be terrifying to get sick or injured.
    Yes if all you want is to make all the money you can as a physician than go to America…but a Canadian physician can treat everyone coming to their office not just to those who can afford it
    And paperwork in USA between patients and insurance providers and hospitals amount to 33% (and endless forms to fill out) where as in Canada it’s merely 3% and no paperwork
    Also in Canada the Government purchases medicine bulk so we pay a fraction of the cost for the drugs that Americans do. We live longer, healthier and happier than Americans do.

  7. James London Nester
    | Reply

    What a lengthy post. I’m an American and all I have to say about this is that I would rather have poor care as apposed to No Care and a 50,000 dollar bill for something as minor as treating a broken bone. America is crumbling beneath our feet. Move to the UK while you have the chance.

  8. Roseanne Rainbow
    | Reply

    Lots of very valid points being made here. Too many Americans feel they should wait until they are seriously ill before they go to a Doctor. The cost of healthcare outweighs the health risk.
    Maybe the obese, type 2 diabetic smokers should pay a premium as they are most likely to depend on health support and treatment in the near future. It’s sad that a nation which considers itself the greatest in the world has a 3rd world standard of healthcare.

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