Pros and Cons of Private Health Care

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Pros and Cons of Private Health Care

Health is one of the most important things to consider in life because when you are healthy, then we will be able to do activities. However, keeping your health can be easy but sometimes it is also difficult because some diseases are unpredictable. Therefore, all of the countries provide health care for their citizens so that their citizens will always be healthy and covered despite they have some health problems. The universal national healthcare plan is one of the most favorite health insurance because it is considered as a cheap one. However, some of the people also prefer private health insurance because of its advantages offered. The advantages and disadvantages of private health care make the people think twice before choosing the universal national health care plan because both of these insurances are quite different.

The benefits of private health insurance can be considered as a top insurance service and many rich people prefer this kind of privatized health care for their family members. Each country has its own regulation toward this hospital privatization system including in Canada. But, not all of people in Canada can afford this kind of healthcare due to the high price offered. Therefore, even though private health insurance is preferred by some certain citizens of Canada, this kind of privatized health care still has some pros and cons that you have to know before you really decide to choose it. So, you can read these following pros and cons of private healthcare in Canada for your information.

The Advantages of Private Health Insurance

Providing an ASAP Treatment

The first reason why most of the citizens in Canada prefer private health insurance is because it offers an ASAP treatment. ASAP means as soon as possible where you will be prioritized by your doctor when you are getting sick. So, it will be no queues at all and you can call your doctor anytime you want because you have hired your doctor to treat you as a priority. This will be really beneficial for those who have no time but they have so much money to afford the health care service. If you have enough money, registering private health insurance will be a great option for you.

Free to Choose Your Doctor

When you choose hospital privatization, then you have a right to choose a physician as you wish. You can also choose the most advanced equipment to treat you and other things that can make sure that you will stay healthy. This is one of the benefits of private health insurance that most of the people in Canada will get when they choose this type healthcare. You can even choose a hospital that has a lot of advanced equipment and choose which equipment you really want to have during the treatment.

Private Room

For those who have money, they must wish to get the best service when they are sick and choose hospital privatization, especially the room where they have to stay. Therefore, choosing private health insurance can be a good idea because you will get a private room with the best standard as well as you can also get full accommodation and facilities to make you feel comfortable in the room. Besides, it will be better than your own bedroom at home because it is specifically built for private patients. You can use some of the facilities such as Wi-Fi, comfortable mattress, large room, television, HVAC system, bathroom, kitchen, sofa, tables, and much more. It is just like staying in an apartment. But, you need to know that this health insurance must be really expensive.

No Guest Hours

When you hire a regular medication service, you will be taken to an ordinary room where the guests cannot come to the room freely and they must visit the patient based on the hours determined. However, it will be different from when you choose private health insurance where there will be no guest hours. So, your family members can visit you anytime they want when you are sick. It is really important, especially for those who have so many family members in which they can visit you any time to see you.

Getting Treated by Professional Doctors

It is undeniable that there are so many medical students in training in a hospital who will handle some certain patients, except the hospital privatization patients. So, you do not need to be afraid of the treatment because when you choose this indemnity health insurance, then you will be treated by a professional doctor to make sure that you get the best medical treatment. That is why there are so many important people who prefer privatized health care because they do not want to get treated arbitrarily.

Continuous Health Care

When you do not use privatized health care, you will be treated by a doctor but when you come again next time with a different health problem, you may not be treated by the same doctor as the first meeting. Meanwhile, when you choose private health insurance, you can decide your own doctor who will treat you continuously. So, you will have one same doctor as long as you are registered in private health insurance.

Special Request

If you do not belong to hospital privatization member, then you do not have a right to make a request toward the specialist that you really need. You will have a random specialist determined by the management. But, it is different when you make a request a special when you are part of indemnity health insurance where you can ask a special with no referral. It is so beneficial because you can choose a special that can make you comfortable.

Improved Facilities

Ordinary facilities are only provided for those who use regular medical treatment when visiting their hospital. The ordinary patients will get a common facility. It will be different suppose you are part of hospital privatization member in which you will get some improved facilities and certainly the facilities are different from the ordinary patients. Since you belong to a special patient, then you will get every access that you need as long as you are treated in the hospital while you become the member of privatized health care.


Private health insurance is not similar to other healthcare services that depend on patients’ job. It means that you will be covered as long as you are part of the company where you are working. So, when you are fired, then you cannot use your health insurance anymore. Meanwhile, privatized health care works in a different way and it is more portable and flexible. So, you are not tied to a certain condition because you only need to pay the service with your own money from your pocket. Anytime you are getting sick and need a private doctor, then you can come to your doctor.

Well, those are some pros or benefits of private health insurance that make some of the people in Canada feel impressed because they can get private treatment and they will be prioritized when they need their doctors. Even though, it has a lot of advantages, privatized health care also has some cons or disadvantages that you may not realize.

The Cons of Private Health Insurance

Expensive if not covered

In some cases, the private health insurance does not cover all of the health problems. When you have some health problems while they are not covered with the insurance service, then you must need to pay by using your own money not taken from the premium that you have been paid regularly. Of course, this will be wasting your money when you get this type of problem. However, the privatized health care is commonly covering some certain health problems that may happen to the user. Perhaps, when you need a surgery, you have to pay extra money for the service. But, it all depends on the regulation for each insurance service.

More Flexibility More Money

Though private health insurance is really beneficial, it still has some requirements and rules. When you join a hospital privatization service, then you need to choose the flexibility level. When you want to register, it does not mean you have all flexibilities because you have to choose whether you get full flexibility or you only need a half of it. The more you choose the flexibility, the more money you need to pay for the service. That is why some of the people think twice before deciding to choose this indemnity health insurance.

Not 100% Covered

Just because you hear about private health insurance, it does not mean that you can get one hundred percent of coverage. Privatized health care also has some rules that must be understood when you want to join this kind of insurance. You have to know that some of the private insurance services only pay up to 80% of the care cost while you must pay the rest of 20%.  However, this payment is only for certain health problems while some of the others common problems will be covered 100% by the private health insurance. Still, it all depends on the regulation where you registered for the privatized health care.

Limited Network

When you do not belong to any health insurance members, you can choose any hospital or doctor as you wish but you have to pay it alone and it can be very expensive. Meanwhile, when you are part of hospital privatization, you will be covered by the insurer for any health problems you get. However, you need to remember that not all of the insurers accept all hospitals. Sometimes, they only accept when you choose a hospital within their network. So, you have to know whether the insurer can accept all hospitals or physicians or only offers a limited hospital network.

High Deductible Insurance

This regulation may only be found in some insurance services but not all of the services have it. In this case, the private health insurance provider will allow you to save money tax-free. However, this choice will require you have a high deductible insurance that may be unbeneficial for you. So, the insurer may not pay the claim before you pay some certain amount of money that has been determined. From this case, the cost of privatized health care may be more expensive that you expect.

Paying the Cost for Any Situation

One of the other disadvantages of private health insurance is that you must pay the cost each month despite you need it or not. It is just similar to other insurance services that require the members to pay the monthly premium so that they can get the service. Even though you never get sick in your lifetime, you still need to pay the cost. Moreover, the cost is not cheap and it is more expensive compared to ordinary health insurance. So, it is more like a preventive action by paying some money to the insurer that will cover you just in case you get a health problem in the future.

Limited Cover

It is just similar to other health insurance services that give health care to patients who have some health problems. You have to remember that most of the private health insurance services or universal health care services only accept a claim for those who get some diseases or health problem. In this case, a pre-existing condition may be difficult to get indemnity health insurance. So, you cannot use your insurance coverage for preventive action. You cannot come to the doctor when you are not sick. If you want to use the insurance service, then you must get some health problems first.

Hard to Choose Private Insurer

Nowadays, there are so many private health insurance services that are available in the country. Since there are too many private insurers to choose, you have to know which insurer offers the best-privatized health care service and of course you need an insurer who offers affordable insurance cost. This is one of the causal factors why most of the people do not want to choose hospital privatization service due to the difficulty to find the best insurer for them. However, most of the indemnity health insurance services have the same services from one another. But, you will not know the cost for each insurance service.

More Cover More Premium

Just because you are about to choose privatized health care insurance service, it does not mean that you will get total cover according to the budget you have. In this case, the health cover has its own level from the lower level to the top level. Each cover level has its own price either. The lower level will be cheaper and the expensive one is on the top level. Therefore, when you register private health insurance, then you need to choose the cover level. The more cover you need, the more premium that you must pay each month. If you want to get full cover, then you are recommended to choose the top level but it must be really expensive. If you have a low budget, then it is alright for you to choose the lower level but the cover will be limited and when you have some health problems that are not covered, then you have to pay by using your own money just like when you do not use insurance service.

Inconsistent Premium Cost

When you decide to choose indemnity health insurance service and agree with the premium that you have to pay each month, then you also must be ready to pay extra money just in case there is an inflation which may occur in the country’s economy. In this case, you have to agree to pay more extra money or extra premium that has been determined by your private health insurance provider. The more level of inflation, then the more premium is that you must pay each month. But, if the country’s economy is stable, you are no need to worry about it at all.

Time Constraint

It is said that privatized health care service will prioritize you when you have a health problem. However, it is not totally true because it may have a condition. For example, suppose you have a consultant who also works in the NHS, then you must be waiting for her or him to get a free time before she or he will give a health treatment to you. You must be waiting for your consultants and you cannot force him or her to prioritize you. Sometimes, you need to come to your consultant instead of waiting for her or him. Sometimes, though you are part of hospital privatization, you also need to be patient when you want to be a patient while you are registered in the private health insurance program.

Creating Inequality

There are so many types of health care insurances available in Canada, but the privatized health care service creates inequality. Creating inequality means that private health insurance has more focus compared to ordinary health insurance. So, the members of universal insurance that do not belong to indemnity health insurance will think that the insurance only focuses on the hospital privatization and they must be disappointed with it. Therefore, some of the people will hate those who have private health insurance.

Those are several advantages of disadvantages of private hospitals that give privatized care toward certain people who are willing to pay an extra premium for each level of treatment. Thus, it is all on your choice whether you prefer hospital privatization or prefer universal health care.

In summary, anyone may choose several health care insurance services according to their wishes. However, each health insurance service has its own regulations, rules, and prices. You can choose whether you prefer the expensive one or the cheap one. Suppose you want to choose the expensive health care, then it is advisable for you to choose privatized health care because it will prioritize you when you have health problems. But, you also need to consider the advantages that may occur instead of the benefits of private health insurance offered. You also need to remember that health care can be really important for you because you may never know that you will get sick or have some health issues in the future. So, the private health insurance or other insurance services can be an effort just in case you get sick, then you will be treated by your doctor without paying any single pennies anymore.

Need some tips on choosing private health insurance service? If so, then you need to consider several things before deciding to choose privatized health care for a better health care service. First, you need to know the insurer that you want to choose and you can ask some recommendation from some of the members who have registered with the same service. Secondly, you have to know that each insurance service has different cost each other, so you must be willing to choose the affordable one with a good quality of health insurance. However, you need to keep in mind that you should not choose a cheap health insurance service because there is no such a cheap health care with a good quality of service. Thirdly, you have to know whether the insurer has many links or in association with some hospitals so that you will be easy to get medical treatment in the hospital you choose. But, it is just an option, not a must. Suppose you do not have a choice anymore and you have trusted a private health insurance you choose, then it is not a big deal at all. Fourth, before you decide to choose a hospital privatization, you need to read the term and condition provided by your insurer so you will know all about the rights that you will get. By doing so, you will not regret just in case there is a problem in the service because you have decided it.

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    For a long time I felt chest pains. I have health insurance, but there are so many chaos in public hospitals to check for 6 months. Since I was scared, I got a private doctor’s office and I must admit that I was delighted with the services of treatment. The doctor is very kind and capable. all recommendations.

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    wow, this was soooooooo useful for my school project. Thanks for making it

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    One understated if not ignored realization under profit driven private practice is that time is eventually assessed in monetary terms. As long as private systems are competitive and proving themselves better than public service open systems, the weaknesses of the public sector distribution are easily targeted as benchmarks ‘proving” private is better than public markets. However, as private systems come to dominate and diminish the finance that supports the public option, the so called “efficiency” quotient of market logic begins to dominate directions and time sensitive (cost-profit/ratio) medical attention. Time an again we can find examples where the private sectors expenses increase while actual services are minimized or “bundled” into categories of price and delivery. To say that this is not rationing medicine is simply a fiction of propaganda. The ultimate question is whether public and private medical delivery can exist side by side to make sure both sides are effective, expedient, and truly efficient at their application of their craft, art, business, and ‘pracitice variances’ that truly determine the state of the medical markets, their potentials, their public obligations and services and the art of the profession at large and in current historic scale and scope..

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    I was exxperiening many pains due to having an miscarriage. I would have to wait atleast 5 to 6 hours everytime before seeing a doctor, who would be in a hurry and not check me properly. Then me and my husband had made the choice that we will try the privatized healthcare. Its been 6 months since we have gone private and its been 100 times better. I get to see my doctor within 10 minutes of arriving and he spends time properly and isn’t in a hurry to attend another patient.

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