Pros and Cons of ObamaCare

Pros and Cons of ObamaCare Everything comes with its own sets of pros and cons, as there is nothing perfect in this world, and the ObamaCare is of no exemption. It also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many people see it useful. This contributes to the growing Premium increase of health care plans subscription while others fear it as they feel it is the start of a Government-Run Healthcare. To enlighten you more about this, here are some … Read More

ObamaCare Health Plans

ObamaCare Health Plans On March 2010, President Barack Obama signed an affordable health care act, which is now known to many as ObamaCare. If you would like to know more about this health care plan, you can go ahead and read about these frequently asked questions and facts about ObamaCare. The Official Name of the ObamaCare Health Plans PPACA or Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is the official name of the ObamaCare Health Plans. It can also be called … Read More

ObamaCare’s Smoking Penalty

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ObamaCare’s Smoking Penalty Many people might not be aware, but the ObamaCare not only penalizes those who did not purchase health insurance, it also penalizes smoking. Under the Affordable Care Act, smokers may be facing a specific fine for their habit. Normally, this healthcare law blocks insurance companies from charging higher premiums to people for expensive health conditions. Because of this, cancer patients as well as diabetics are paying the same rate as the rates paid by the healthy people … Read More

ObamaCare’s Marriage Penalty

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ObamaCare’s Marriage Penalty The Affordable Care Act or the ObamaCare is something that was really talked about by many because of many reasons. One of these reasons would be the penalties that are attached along with the Government-Run Healthcare Plan. This is especially true for the hidden marriage penalty in ObamaCare. Hidden Marriage Penalty in ObamaCare One of the penalties that ObamaCare carries would be the marriage tax penalty applied to married couples. In this penalty, the married couples have … Read More

Missed ObamaCare Deadline?

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Missed ObamaCare Deadline? The ObamaCare deadline was last March 31, 2014. Have you already submitted your enrollment form? If you have not yet submitted your enrollment form and you are reading this article right now, the possibility of missing the enrollment period is 100%. So, now that the enrollment period has elapsed, what will happen next? It’s (Not) Too Late to Get Insured Well, for starters, do not panic. Panicking will get you nowhere and it will just harbor in … Read More

How to Enroll in ObamaCare?

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How to Enroll in ObamaCare? Affordable Care Act or the ObamaCare is a useful healthcare plan that offers a lot of pros to its subscribers. Here are some of the helpful questions and answers that can help you easily enroll in ObamaCare. I am ready to enroll in ObamaCare, where do I sign up? You can sign up by going to or you can contact 1-800-318-2596. Alright, that is noted. Now, how do I enroll? Regardless of the state … Read More

How Much is ObamaCare Penalty?

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How Much is ObamaCare Penalty? A lot of Americans were not really happy upon knowing that the ObamaCare now requires them to purchase health care plans. Many fail to see the importance of a health care plan in their life and this is what ObamaCare emphasizes. So, since the ObamaCare Tax Penalty is now inevitable, a ray of light can still be seen in this case. The ObamaCare Tax Penalty for people who do not want to purchase health care … Read More

2 Million Have Signed Up For ObamaCare

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2 Million Have Signed Up For ObamaCare The citizens of the United States are pretty much familiar with the ObamaCare. ObamaCare, or the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), is a federal statute of the United States that was approved on the 23rd of March 2010 by President Barack Obama. This law, partnered with the Health Care and Education Reconciliation Act, is a representation of the most important overhaul of the health care system regulation of the US since … Read More

Pros and Cons of Health Care Reform

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Pros and Cons of Health Care Reform Health care has been one of the hottest topics these days ever since the ObamaCare was signed into law. There are others who understood and agreed to the reforms that have been implemented, but a huge number of citizens are still against it. There have been so many debates about these so it is important that you all understand what is going on exactly. Arguments against Health Care Reform Many citizens of the … Read More

Opting Out From the ObamaCare Penalty

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Opting Out From the ObamaCare penalty The PPACA (Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act) or popularly known as the “Obamacare” is a health care law that was signed by President Barack Obama that aims to make health insurance more affordable but at the same time increase its quality. The rate of uninsured people is lowered by expanding the insurance coverage to private and public sectors and by reducing the healthcare expenses for the government and the citizens. What is Obamacare … Read More

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