Universal Health Care is ObamaCare’s Future?

 Universal Health Care is ObamaCare’s Future?

The goal that had eluded various US presidents over the centuries was to set out a broad plan in order to replace the nation’s patchwork healthcare coverage with a universal system which is ultimately put in use by Barack Obama’s Obamacare. Many doctor groups have warned that this healthcare plan would lead to an explosion in costs for health insurance. This is a testimony from those thousands of people who are uninsured and relate horrifying experiences in order to obtain medical help. Apart from this there are stories from people who had insurance but the companies failed to pay for the treatments and complain that these companies refuse to give them coverage because they already have a medical condition.

The plan allows the citizen to access a one-stop shop for various healthcare facilities, subsidize along with a healthcare plan that suits your requirements the best and if by chance you are not in a condition to afford it then the government will provide you assistance that will ensure that you do. Obama though faces opposition when the republican rejected the plan out rightly while the democratic showed skepticism. The doctors are represented by the American Medical Association and surprisingly even they opposed it along with some private insurance companies.

Regulatory bureaucracy works or just does not we can see and most importantly how it can push us into the single-payer health care system. The federal government would be the play master of this single player healthcare system. Obamacare has every possibility to disintegrate from the load of bureaucrats. Life affecting medical decisions would be taken by numerous uncountable unelected and untested bureaucrats but honestly nobody exactly knows how many bureaucrats in this plan. No one is able to figure out how many agencies will emerge once Obamacare comes into effect.

In a landmark opinion, the US supreme court has ruled that no state of the nation can ban same sex marriage and this has been a remarkable verdict as this aspect has also been included in the Obamacare healthcare plan. People having same sex marriage can avail all facilities.


  • This plan gives people the services they can’t afford.
  • This healthcare program does not discriminate against anyone.
  • It helps those people who are unemployed and have other difficulties.
  • People can get free treatment without the fear of not being able to afford them.
  • This can reduce the spread of infectious diseases and other common health problems.
  • Doctors can concentrate on patients and not other problems.


  • Not everyone may receive the type of healthcare they need.
  • This can result in poor care especially if the country is already poor.
  • People with higher income may not like that their money is going to pay for the health care of other citizens when it should be going to pay for their own health care.
  • People may abuse the system and cause unnecessary burdens on the system.
  • This system can cause large debts.
  • Government is not good at running such large systems and it can lead to problems.

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