Repeal or Repair ObamaCare? Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton?

Repeal or Repair ObamaCare? Trump or Hilary?

United States Presidential Election is coming soon and healthcare issue becomes a primary topic in the debate of the US president candidate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. It is very interesting because both of the candidates have a different perspective about this American Healthcare issue that is known as Obamacare. This topic is considered as an important thing because it is relating to public service. This issue can be a strategic issue to get voters because the candidate will try to fix this Obamacare when they are finally elected. The debate was held on October 9, 2016, in Washington University and talked about ACA Healthcare or Affordable Care Act which is commonly known as Obamacare. Obamacare uses the name of current US president Obama because he agreed this healthcare program and ACA was officially released in 2010 by Obama.

The Result of Obamacare Service

There are about 170 million US citizens who become the member of Obamacare service and they have got the benefits. This insurance service is obliged for anyone either young people that are commonly healthy and do not go to Hospital too often or older people who are dealing with hospital every day. It means that Obamacare covers all of the people to get health care service at affordable cost. Besides, Obamacare also does not require someone to get sick first when he or she wants to get a medical treatment. But, early detection of a disease can also be done so that the people can prevent a disease from coming. So, Obamacare is not only used to treat sick person but can also be used as prevention.

Different Point of View from Candidates

Until now, there are so many people in the US who have registered in ACA health insurance. Since the number is getting increased, so the total Obamacare insurance in the US is about 90% of the total citizens. However, Obamacare is considered detrimental to US financial because the healthcare cost is raising and making a burden of the country’s debt as much as $20 billion. Therefore, both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their own opinion about this case. Hillary Clinton has her own way to improve the Obamacare while Donald Trump wants to repeal it.

Hillary Clinton, if she wins the election, she will attempt to target 100% of US citizens who will become the members of Obamacare by pressing the raising cost and improving the current health care quality. Hillary Clinton has a base in which the state is responsible for providing health care service for anyone because the health is an important life asset that must be maintained. She suggested that Obamacare must go on and must not be repealed because the Obamacare is actually good enough and just need an improvement.

However, Donald Trump does not agree with what Hillary Clinton suggested. He said if he becomes a president of the United State, he would repeal it and replace it with a new healthcare system because he thinks that Obamacare is a big chaos and makes the financial condition of the state get worse. Donald Trump has the intention to repeal the ACA service that has been released since 2014 and replaces it with a new healthcare insurance that he may think to be a better one. It means that he wanted to start over again and this made Hillary Clinton take a deep breath to hear his opinion. Hillary Clinton considers that Obamacare has so many benefits for the US people and she does not believe that Trump can give a better healthcare service to the people of United State.

HealthCare Service Dilemma

Healthcare issue has been discussed in the debate of the candidate, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump. As a result, this becomes a dilemma for the voters to choose whose policy would be the best. Obamacare is almost dead and the existence of Obama care is determined by the next president of the US when one of the candidates wins the election. However, this is not just about the election, but it is relating to the people lives. Improving the Obamacare is not an easy thing and repealing it can be more dangerous because it must start over again. The US presidential election would be held on this November but there will one last debate a few weeks to go and no one knows where Obamacare will go and whether it will be repealed by Donald Trump or it will be improved by Hillary Clinton.

ObamaCare is in the US Citizens’ Hands

Each candidate has its own voters or supporters but you never know how many voters who will vote for Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. So, the Obamacare destiny is in your hands as the citizen of the US. In fact, ACA insurance also belongs to new product and has been just released since 2014 but the people of the US have felt the benefits. Meanwhile, if Donald Trump wants to repeal it, then you may be questioning whether Donald Trump can make a better healthcare insurance compared to ObamaCare. Or you can just vote for Hillary Clinton who will continue the Obamacare and gives some improvement so that it will be better than today.

In summary, Obamacare is not the only issue that brings a dilemma to voters before the presidential election is held in this month. However, Obamacare insurance becomes an important focus for both of the candidates to provide the best health insurance to the people of the US. Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have their own perspective toward this issue. However, no one knows whose idea would be the best and both of the candidates seem so faithful with their own ideas but it only makes the voters confused to choose the best candidate. So, the case of Obamacare is on your hands now as the US citizens and if you choose the correct candidate, this healthcare issue will be solved, but if you choose  a wrong candidate, then you will never know whether you will get the best healthcare service or even it can get worse.

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