Is ObamaCare Universal Health Care?

Is ObamaCare Universal HealthCare?

President Barrack Obama became the president of the United States of America in 2008 and has since then made quite a number of changes in the running of the government and provision of basic services. One sector that Obama will be remembered with is the health sector. The infamous Affordable Care Act, also known as the ObamaCare, has been a subject of nationwide debate.

The Obama administration claims that Affordable Care Act is universal healthcare. Before we dig deep into the truth of this statement, it is better to understand what universal healthcare is.

What is Universal HealthCare?

Universal healthcare is a system designed to provide health care and financial protection to all citizens. It is sometimes referred to as universal health coverage. It is the goal of the UN body, World Health Organization (WHO), to ensure that every citizen of the world is provided with good and affordable healthcare.

Now that we know what Universal HealthCare is, it is time to analyze ObamaCare to find out whether it is a Universal HealthCare.

Is ObamaCare Universal HealthCare?

In the Democratic primaries that led to Obama being declared the presidential flag bearer of the party, Obama had made a promise of Universal HealthCare once he is in office. He used this to defeat his Democratic rival Hillary Clinton, and also to win over the Republican candidate, John McCain.

In March 23, 2010, Obama signed into law Affordable Care Act that is now popularly known as ObamaCare. The law has a goal of providing universal healthcare to American citizens. Though some Democrats have always claimed that the law provides universal healthcare, the truth of the matter is that the law does not provide Universal HealthCare.

The ObamaCare has been of great help in providing health insurance, particularly to the low and middle income earners. But still, over 10 million Americans do not have health insurance. Therefore, it is clear that the law has not yet attained the universal health coverage standards.

Since the president signed the bill into law, many people have been able to get health insurance. Most of these people would have never gotten health insurance it wasn’t for the law. The main goal of the law is to provide universal healthcare to the citizens. It might not have reached its goal yet, but ObamaCare is surely the best channel that Americans have to getting universal healthcare.

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