Pros of ObamaCare

The Reasons you need ObamaCare

Well, every White House administration has to be remembered with something great. The Bush administration is remembered with tackling of terrorism. Though the administration is blamed for economic downfall but it did great with anti-terror war. Now the Obama administration is here; what would it be remembered for? Well, it goes without saying that the controversial Affordable Care Act, also known as the ObamaCare is what the president and his administration will be remembered for. Though the law has faced much criticism, there is so much that Americans will thank President Obama for in the future.

Let’s see some of the reasons why you should have ObamaCare.

Pros of ObamaCare

There are many reasons why ObamaCare is good for Americans. All the reasons boil down to affordability of health insurance. The law has looked into the needs of low and middle income earners and provided them with an affordable option for health insurance. This is the main benefit of the ObamaCare. There is no previous law that had looked into the issue of affordable healthcare as this one.

To add on to the affordability of health insurance, the law has provisions for cost assistance for individuals, families and small businesses. This has been made possible through the Health Insurance Marketplace.

Another benefit of the law is that it has a goal of achieving universal healthcare. With Universal HealthCare as the main goal, Americans stand to benefit from this law now and in the future.

Full time employees of large companies have all the reasons to smile for there shall be full coverage for them in starting the financial year 2015/2016. This is all in a bid to make health insurance accessible to everyone.

Previously, there had been cases of people being charged more on the basis of their gender or medical status. ObamaCare has put a level playground where no one will be charged more based on gender or medical status.

For whichever reason, a health insurance company will not be able to drop you. This was catered for following numerous cases of insurance companies dropping people due to sickness. Now even the sick have the right to be insured with the company of their choice.

Young adults will be covered by their parents’ insurance until age 26. This has reduced the burden for youths who could not afford insurance after college. They now have an ample time to settle before they can make a plan on their own insurance.

The senior citizens too have been catered for in this law. There will be better provision of service and care for the seniors.

The above mentioned are some of the benefits that come with the ObamaCare. Therefore, it is evident that the ObamaCare is very beneficial to all the citizens.

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