Pros and Cons of Private Health Care

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Pros and Cons of Private Health Care Health is one of the most important things to consider in life because when you are healthy, then we will be able to do activities. However, keeping your health can be easy but sometimes it is also difficult because some diseases are unpredictable. Therefore, all of the countries provide health care for their citizens so that their citizens will always be healthy and covered despite they have some health problems. The universal national … Read More

Enrollments for Obamacare Increase after Trump’s Election

Enrollments for Obamacare Increase after Trump’s Election Last week, HHS reported an increase in the number of those enrolling for the coverage of the Affordable Care Act’s federal exchange after Donald Trump was elected. Trump repeatedly said it was among his priorities to repeal the law upon assuming office. On the 9th of November, at least 100,000 enrollment were recorded. Since the 1st of November when the enrollment so began, that is the highest figure recorded. Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, … Read More

Changes will Come in the Healthcare Industry after Donald Trump’s Shocking Victory

A major change will be forced by the healthcare industry after Donald Trump has been elected as the President of United States. Conservatives have been enabled by Trump presidency in order to take back the Affordable Care Act and do a couple of proposals that have been written in the GOP platform and the latest leadership paper of House Republican on healthcare which is completed with the retention of control from GOP. When Trump meets his supporters, he did not … Read More

Why Universal Healthcare is Bad for America?

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Why Universal Healthcare is Bad for America? Universal health care is kind of health care insurance in which anyone is given a chance to be covered based on their age, race, income, gender, and wealth. It means that you will be eligible to have a universal health care as long as you become a part of a citizen in a certain country such as the citizens of the United States. In fact, there are over 45 million people in the … Read More

Healthcare in Taiwan (Pros & Cons)

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What can We Learn from Taiwan’s Single Payer Health Care System Healthcare in Taiwan is considered as one of the most highly efficient health care systems in the world. Every citizen in Taiwan is fully covered and there is no such thing as pre-existing health condition. If you are an American living in the United States, you probably would know how wonderful the healthcare in Taiwan sounds, because in Taiwan, no matter you have a decent job or are jobless, … Read More

Pros and Cons of Healthcare System in Singapore

Singapore Healthcare System Pros and Cons Singapore is famous for its exemplary health care standard. It is positioned amongst the best systems in Asia. Both private and public sector services are available to citizens; however, expats often talk about the benefits of each. Still, it is safe to say that both sectors are functioning very well in terms of professionalism and efficiency. Usually, citizens use private entities for basic care and public hospitals for complex and emergency care. As usual, … Read More

Should Healthcare be a Human Right?

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Should Healthcare be a Human Right? I still remembered, when in 2008, Obama made a speech in his election campaign that health care should be a human right for everyone in America. Even after the eight years of power as president of America, the health care yet not becomes free for everyone. As compared to other countries, America is known as one of the most expensive place to get health care services where in other countries like Canada and United … Read More

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