How Climate Change Affects Effectiveness of Universal Health Care?

How Climate Change Affects Effectiveness of Universal Health Care?

The weather is certainly also closely related to air temperature, climate and ongoing seasons. Reporting from a healthy lifestyle, it turns out all of these things do have an influence on the emergence of a disease. Climate change can result in biological changes directly or indirectly. This can cause transmission of several infectious diseases. As is well known, the human body is genetically regulated to be at a certain temperature, climate and weather.

Climate Change Is Transforming Viruses

If there is a change, it can change the genetic component of humans so that it triggers disease. A Hancock study, said that this genetic component will increase the risk of immune disease, cancer and heart disease.

Dry season for example. This season can make a region hit by drought. This condition can have an impact on health problems, especially on one’s nutritional status. In addition, forest fires that occur in the dry season will certainly have an adverse impact on air quality in a city. This can increase the risk of asthma and other respiratory diseases.

Although there are various factors that can influence infection, climate change still has an impact on the breeding of germs such as protozoa, bacteria, fungi and viruses. Not only that, climate change also has an impact on the activity of disease-carrying organisms such as lice, flies and mosquitoes.

And it turns out not only the dry season can affect the health of the body. The rainy season can also pose a risk of waterborne disease, a disease that can be carried by water. Prolonged rain can also increase the number of pathogenic bacteria and harmful plankton in the spring. So in addition to exercise and adequate rest, consider also the intake and processing of food that will be consumed.

Human Being Get More Vulnerable

However, exercise and rest alone are certainly not enough, considering that everyone will not know what will happen today, tomorrow or the day after tomorrow related to their health. This is where the importance of insuring health from an early age.

British scientists claim to have developed a model or method that can predict the development of zoonotic outbreaks or infections transmitted between vertebrate animals and humans, or vice versa, such as Ebola and Zika. The prediction is seen from climate change.

These researchers describe the model they found as great progress in understanding how animals from humans develop disease. They said, these findings could help the government to prepare and respond swiftly when a disease outbreak entered his country.

Not only that, these scientists also hope their studies can be used as a basis for making new policies about the environment.

This finding model, also claimed to be able to see the global impact of many diseases at the same time. About 60 to 75 percent of infectious diseases occur because of the zoonotic process. Bats have also been known as the most carriers of zoonotic viruses.

More than half a billion people may be at risk of contracting a mosquito-borne disease in 30 years as a result of a warming climate, according to a new study.

Canada and some parts of Northern Europe may have just been threatened by several diseases such as yellow fever, Zika, dengue fever, chikungunya, and other diseases. The study, published in the journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, found that humans can prevent the spread of disease-carrying mosquitoes if they take aggressive actions to combat global warming.

Scientist Mapped Out the Dispersion of Animal Virus Carrier

Sadie Ryan, a writer from the University of Florida, said the research and maps he made could help policymakers and medical experts understand where insects carrying the disease might move. When you move to a hotter world, those hotter places will have various other types of vulnerabilities.

At present, more than six billion people are in a climate where the two mosquitoes studied can live for a month or more every year. But as climate change pushes for cooler weather toward the poles, new areas become friendlier to the mosquitoes.

One of the mosquitoes studied was the yellow fever Aedes aegypti, which thrives in warmer climates. But others, like the Aedes albopictus tiger mosquito, prefer cooler weather. So the researchers determined what the different levels of temperature rise were for the spread of the two. They found that if the earth only sufficiently withstand rising temperatures, there is a possibility the mosquitoes can survive and provide puzzles for climate health planners.

Places where people have never had disease can face a very bad outbreak if they are not ready. In 2016, Zika attacked South Florida, threatening pregnant women who could contract the disease and show no symptoms but have children with significant birth defects.

People who contract the disease from mosquitoes while traveling can return home and spread it to local mosquitoes, spreading it further. An increasingly extended range of mosquitoes can improve the disease transmission process.

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