Is Universal Health Care the Same as Socialized Health Care?

Is Universal Health Care the Same as Socialized Health Care?

Although the insurance business has mushroomed with a variety of protection options, there are still people who are not sure of using it. Misguided views are the main cause of this uncertainty.

Various “myths” eventually emerged. The goodness of insurance benefits are then covered. In fact, insurance is very useful in our daily lives. Then, what is wrong about insurance that you often encounter?

Feeling young and in need of insurance help is a mistake. We never know when unexpected events come. They always come without issuing notifications when sick, accidents, damaged cars, to damage the house. Therefore, insurance is present to provide protection for unexpected events.

Sounds Suspicious and unnecessary

Some people need insurance. In this case, first check whether you have chosen the right and reliable insurance. Choose insurance that suits your needs so that the benefits will be felt immediately. For example if you always drive a car, there is a vehicle health insurance that you choose, health insurance too.

In addition, you also have to choose insurance that is truly trusted. One easy way is a company registered with the Financial Services Authority (OJK), so you don’t need to worry anymore, the company is safe or not.

Many people need insurance when the body is in prime condition. Indeed, in such bodily conditions, we can do everything without the help of insurance. Well again, illness comes without consent.

Therefore, health insurance is here to provide a solution for you so that you no longer worry about the cost of treatment when you fall ill. Health insurance will require treatment costs, medical expenses, to consult a doctor.

Controlling everything, even private Offices

For office employees, usually the company where he works already provides health benefits. However, there is any re-check that is borne by your office. If you are married, are family members covered? Confirm first.

Not infrequently, the office can only overcome the health costs of its employees, while the spouse does not share. In addition, there is also limited health insurance, in the sense that not all diseases or medical measures can be covered. One example is the cost of labor.

Therefore, many people finally decide to keep using other health insurance outside the office health facility. In fact, it’s not just about health, you can use insurance for children’s education.

Increasing the Living Cost

Addition to living costs is often the reason many people have insurance. In fact, when compared to the value of coverage or benefits, the premium that you usually pay, the value can be much smaller and the benefits you get far greater. In addition, insurance also provides peace of mind for you to no longer have to worry about the cost of treatment to swell, when you fall ill.

What do you think about the five wrong views about insurance above. Remember, do not know then do not love. It’s best to first understand the product before buying to feel the benefits of insurance.

Some Ideas to Deny the Socialism of Healthcare

Today, people often misinterpret insurance. There are tempted by the lure of high return illustrations, without seeing the benefits of protection. Or conversely, there is also insurance that markets its products under the pretext of selling securities and exorbitant yields within a certain period of time. In fact, true insurance is a protection that protects customers from financial risks when they fall ill, die, or other unexpected disasters. In order not to choose the wrong, we need to recognize the correct characteristics of insurance.

Private Company Records

It must be seen whether the company is credible or not, then look at the risk based capital (RBC) ratio. RBC ratio is a calculation of financial risk in insurance companies based on assets, liabilities and minimum capital calculated in accordance with required regulations, where the government requires a minimum RBC ratio of 120%. The greater the RBC health ratio of an insurance company, the healthier the financial condition of the company.

Andreas Freddy Pieloor, Moneyn Love’s financial planner added, customers also need to find out the claim process at the company. This can actually be known by looking at their track record on social media. For example, by finding out if there are complaints related to their products and services.

Un-compulsory Choice

Choose insurance that suits your needs and our financial profile. If a person is repaying a mortgage (KPR), then he needs protection credit in the form of life insurance that provides coverage (UP) for the loan if he dies.

These diverse community needs make life insurance such as NHS in UK provides relevant insurance for its customers in Indonesia. Take for example AVA iBright Protector, a life insurance product that is linked to investment. This product will make it easier for customers to get life insurance protection, terminal illness benefits, as well as total and permanent disability benefits. Another product, ORIGINAL Optima Plans, is life insurance that is linked to investments or unit links. Unlike the unit link products in general, ORIGINAL Optima Plan provides greater investment development from the start.

Thorough Service for Customer

Customer service is a liaison that can be relied upon by customers. Isn’t insurance a long-term commitment? This service will provide as clear information as possible about the insurance products that we follow. Generally, insurance companies also use the services of insurance agents to serve customers. If in the middle of a marketing agent policy that helps us stop early for some reason, then a good insurance company will immediately find a replacement agent who will also help us get the best service related to the products we follow.

Realizing the importance of optimal customer service, NHS has a customer service team that is ready to help customers. In early September 2016, the Health insurance customer service team won the Best Contact Center Operation award from the Indonesia Contact Center Association (ICCA). Health insurance uses Professional Financial Consultants who are ready to explain to customers about products that meet their needs.

Easy Purchase and Claim

A good insurance product is one that makes it easy for customers to get their rights, both in terms of following the product and when making a claim. According to Freddy, even though we only follow an insurance product for a day, as long as we have paid the premium, then the next day we have the right to submit a claim.

We can trace the credibility of an insurance company in paying claims by checking its track record digitally. Besides being easy, digitally checking track records is also difficult to manipulate.

Your Financial Record Affects the Service

Big or small insurance premiums that we follow must be in accordance with the financial profile. Freddy said, customers must also realize that the premium paid is directly proportional to the benefits offered. That is, if the premium is smaller, the benefits offered are generally more limited than the higher premiums. “But, customers should not just choose based on cheap premiums, but based on needs,” he said. Make sure the buying decision is based on careful consideration, after comparing several insurance.

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