The Health Care Solutions Americans Need

The Health Care Solutions Americans Need

The issue of health care in the United States is not something new and quite hard to be understood. The alternation of presidents and legislation does not necessarily alleviate this issue to be debated. The controversy of health care issue actually must be observed from its history in the past. In the early colonial times, health care in the US was such rare diamonds to get. There were only a few medics came here. The fresh air came when New York, New Orleans, and Philadelphia opened their first major hospitals with the medical schools in the middle of 18th century. However, these hospitals still were not really affordable for US society. As the result, The Royal Hospital in New Orleans opened their second branch named as The Charity Hospital to serve more people with charity base. During the civil war period, US federal government built hospitals in every state to took care of wounded soldiers or other affected people. And since then, the health care system in the US was run by multiple groups in a giant system.

In the 1960s, Medicare was provided by the federal government and has been funding the health care for elderly people or people with dialysis who need long-term treatment. At the same year the government also built Medicaid which has been providing health care for people who live below the poverty lines or people with disability. The hope for expanding these two programs to cover health care for more people has been spreading since then. Dorthea Dix was the first activist who proposed this issue to the legislation in the 1850s. Although the proposal was accepted in both houses of Congress, President Franklin Pierce used his veto to reject it. He thought that social welfare including health care is not the federal government’s responsibility. Many people tried to get health insurance, but still many left uninsured because of their condition so they have to pay the health care by themselves. However, President Theodore Roosevelt did not agree about this. In the 1910s, he tried to propose the same type of health care legislation but unfortunately, his effort was not supported by both house of Congress.

Such attempts and rejections was repeated for decades until President Barrack Obama came with his PPAC which stands for Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. This regulation known as “Obamacare” enacted that insurance companies are not allowed to refuse health care insurance because of people’s conditions. Any person without insurance provided from the employer, is required to buy their own health insurance, with subsidies from the government. With this regulation, more than 10 million of American are insured compared to the past. But still, we hope the numbers will grow as the time goes by.

Can Americans have European-Style Single-Payer’ healthcare?

It seems like everyone’s dream but if we really know how it works, we may think twice. The cause of high health care cost in the US is because a big percentage of the budgets are used to make improvements to advance the health care. Single-Payer is a form of health care system where the budgets are given to everyone in a limited amount. The amount of this budget is only enough for you to afford simple or general health care, which is pretty enticing if you do not require any advanced medical treatment or in an emergency. Sophisticated procedures and devices, doctor fees, and high treatments will cost you more. If you require more budgets than the government provides for you, you should pay the excess of the health care cost, and it is absolutely hard. That’s why there are many people out there still do not want if their choice of medical treatment is reduced, just to make the health care affordable for other people. So, to answer the question “can we have the Single-Payer healthcare system?” the answer is maybe not for now.

The Health Care Solutions Small Businesses Need

With Obamacare regulation, if you own a business even when it is small, you should provide health insurance for your employees. Small Business Health Options Program or SHOP, is a part of Obamacare you can choose. If you have about 1 to 50 employees, you can select whether Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum health care coverage plans. This metal levels indicate the prices, not the quality of the health care your employees will get. Once you pick one of them, your employees will be allowed to choose the plan that works for them in the category. We suggest you consider this option even if you have less than 25 employees. You can cut the money with direct purchasing to the insurance provider. But only do this if you really understand the terminologies and willing to more time on that.

Why John McCain voted ‘no’ on health care?

As we know, President Donald Trump has been campaigning on revoking Obamacare, but in the end of July the healthcare bill was failed after three Republicans voted “NO” against the GOP health care plan. The bill was meant to remove the individual mandate, which requires all Americans to own a health insurance. One of the republicans who voted no was Arizona Senator, John McCain, although his party in 2008 presidential candidate against Obama. McCain said that we should not make the same mistakes that has led Obamacare to lapse, which also happened in his home state of Arizona. We must return to the right way of legislating this health care issue. His decision was quite surprising but somehow true, and it is adored by the Democrats.

Is Medicare For All a far-fetched dream for Americans?

Two-thirds of Americans support this Medicare for All dream. The Affordable Care Act from Obama was a huge important step towards the goal of single-payer universal health care. Although President Donald Trump via his twitter announced that he wanted to let Obamacare implodes and make a new rule, thanks to the three Republicans and other 48 Democrats, the remaining legislation is safe in its place. The conclusion? Universal health care that almost all Americans dream about has shown its silver lining.

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