How Climate Change Affects Effectiveness of Universal Health Care?

How Climate Change Affects Effectiveness of Universal Health Care? The weather is certainly also closely related to air temperature, climate and ongoing seasons. Reporting from a healthy lifestyle, it turns out all of these things do have an influence on the emergence of a disease. Climate change can result in biological changes directly or indirectly. This can cause transmission of several infectious diseases. As is well known, the human body is genetically regulated to be at a certain temperature, climate … Read More

Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care

Everyone deserves at least basic health care irrespective of their origin, background, and financial status. Recently, there was a coalition made of over 500 leading health and development organizations from all corners of the world urging governments to fasten reforms that will see everyone, everywhere, can have access to quality health care without being forced into poverty – This is what has been the underlying principle of universal health care.… Read More

The Health Care Solutions Americans Need

The Health Care Solutions Americans Need The issue of health care in the United States is not something new and quite hard to be understood. The alternation of presidents and legislation does not necessarily alleviate this issue to be debated. The controversy of health care issue actually must be observed from its history in the past. In the early colonial times, health care in the US was such rare diamonds to get. There were only a few medics came here. … Read More

Countries with Universal Health Care

Is it time for an universal health care system (Medicare-for-all) in the United States? The question whether universal health care plan should be implemented in United States has lingered on for years. There have been debates and arguments whether universal health care is the ideal solution to give millions of American who cannot afford health insurance a lifeline.… Read More