Pros and Cons of ObamaCare

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Pros and Cons of ObamaCare

Everything comes with its own sets of pros and cons, as there is nothing perfect in this world, and the ObamaCare is of no exemption. It also comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many people see it useful. This contributes to the growing Premium increase of health care plans subscription while others fear it as they feel it is the start of a Government-Run Healthcare. To enlighten you more about this, here are some of the perks and drawbacks of the Affordable Care Act.

Pros of ObamaCare

  • Better and More Access to Affordable Healthcare

There are more than 30 million citizens as well as legal residents in the United States who are not protected by any health insurance at the present. These people may not have coverage or will only be able to get coverage this year (2014). This lot includes masses of young adults in the age range of 19 to 25 years old. These young adults may be currently working, but they may not make enough money to pay for their own health benefits. With the ObamaCare enacted, these millions of young adults will be able to have better and more access to affordable healthcare. This will also benefit those who do not have a high monthly income, yet still wants to have a reliable healthcare plan to back them up.

  • Beneficial to People with Already Existing Medical Ailments and Conditions

Before ObamaCare, health insurance companies are able to deny people who are presently suffering from pre-existing ailments and conditions. Others are even able to drop their plan members as soon as they develop an illness or sickness. However, with the passing of the ObamaCare, people with already existing medical ailments will no longer be denied or dropped of their health insurance plan.

  • Government Aids in Buying Health Insurance

The Federal Government will help in increasing the people’s eligibility to qualify for Medicaid through Medicaid expansion. This will then allow the people up to the 138% margin of the FPL or Federal Poverty Level to meet the requirements of Medicaid. The financial aid will also be accessible for people who belong to the 139% to 400% of FPL. So, if your income isn’t high enough for you to avail of a health insurance plan, you will be able to receive a subsidy that can help you in paying for your healthcare coverage. Overall, this can help you curb spending so you will have enough money for other things.

  • Tax Credit

Though ObamaCare doesn’t apply to companies or businesses that have employees less than 50, it offers a tax credit. A tax credit is offered since bigger companies would need to provide health insurance. The tax credit will aid the employees in paying premium insurance.

  • Improves Medicare

If you feel that ObamaCare did some cuts from Medicare, that feeling must be removed. Why? This isn’t really a cut as the healthcare reform aims to provide improved care for the seniors as well as their families. With the ObamaCare, millions of seniors will be covered by the Affordable Care Act.

Cons of ObamaCare

  • Healthcare Professional Shortage

National Monitor has a new study that forecasts a health care professional shortage due to the implementation of PPACA along with the population of the nation, which is leaning towards aging. This could possibly lead to a shortage, which is looked at more than 50,000 primary care physicians come 2025. It is also foreseen that by 2025, office visits to their primary care physicians would increase from 460 million up to 565 million, hence straining the system more. At the end, this may leave millions of the people in the US without a reach to health care.

  • Possibility of Higher Costs in Medicine

Many pharmaceutical companies will be paying an excess of more than $80 billion as fees in the next decade, so they can pay for concluding Medicare’s “Donut Hole”. This will then increase drug costs if the pharmaceutical companies pass these fees along to the consumers.

  • Tax for Not Buying Insurance

If you will opt not to buy a health insurance by 2014, a tax penalty will follow. This is called the ObamaCare Tax Penalty. This will only occur to you if you are still uninsured for four months or more this 2014. Your tax penalty will be felt as soon as apply for your 2014 income tax return.

These are just a few of the pros and cons of the ObamaCare health care plans. If you will get to know more about the pros and cons of ObamaCare, you will surely be able to appreciate this more.

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  1. Michael Schiwartz
    | Reply

    I recently lost my job and as you all know, I lost my health care too. I begin to think about ObamaCare and am wondering what other choice do I have. I am in my 30s and can’t get any Medicare or other health care benefits. Because I lost my job, I put my family’s health at risk. It’s not something I want but the choice there is very limited. ObamaCare is not perfect and has its own pros and cons. When the pros outweigh the cons, people should consider it. Some advantages like if you have some pre-existing conditions, ObamaCare still insures you so it is beneficial to people with already existing medical ailments and conditions. There are some other pros like tax credit or medicare improvement etc so you need to use your own judgement to find the right piece of info and make the right decision.

  2. Mary Walton
    | Reply

    I recently lost my job three weeks ago and I am totally panic. Not just I am not financial secure anymore, but also I put my family’s health at risk. We can’t get sick anymore. My company used to pay for my health care but now I am totally on my own and begin to think about ObamaCare. I hope it’s going to be something I can take advantage of. I start doing some research about it and try to find some articles so that I can compare the pros and the cons and hope I can make the right decision after reading all of this and doing all the research. But either way, I need health care as soon as possible. Life goes on but with a good health care, my life and my family’s life will be in good hands.

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