Missed ObamaCare Deadline?

Missed ObamaCare Deadline?

The ObamaCare deadline was last March 31, 2014. Have you already submitted your enrollment form? If you have not yet submitted your enrollment form and you are reading this article right now, the possibility of missing the enrollment period is 100%. So, now that the enrollment period has elapsed, what will happen next?

It’s (Not) Too Late to Get Insured

Well, for starters, do not panic. Panicking will get you nowhere and it will just harbor in stress inside of you. It is not yet too late to get insured. There are several instances in which the deadline extension is granted.

  • The administration of President Obama agrees to allow people to sign up even after the set enrollment period as long as they already started the online application, but they just got wind up with technical issues and difficulties.
  • Aside from that, there were also other exemptions that will permit for late sign up and these circumstances must be exceptional. These circumstances include enrollment errors, natural disasters, as well as unresolved casework. Deadline extension may also be granted for domestic abuse victims.
  • You can also be granted a deadline extension if you experienced qualifying life events such as:
    • Having your baby
    • Adopting a child
    • Tying the knot
    • Losing a job that is offering you a health insurance
    • Moving to a new state permanently (especially applicable if the state offers a different health care plan)
    • Losing your health care coverage
    • Experiencing a change of income
    • You are an American Indian

If still you do not fall into any of these instances and still you do not have any health insurance, you will be subjected to an individual mandate in line with the deadline penalty. This penalty will require those who missed the enrollment deadline to pay a fee. This deadline penalty will also be applied to those who do not have any health insurance.

You Can Still Get Insurance

Aside from paying a fee, you may also sign up for Medicaid or CHIP or other types of short-term private health insurance through agent, provider, or a broker. If you have such, you will not be experiencing the deadline penalty. You can enroll for the subsidized health care plan on the 14th of November 2014.

It would be understandable if you missed the deadline due to the specified instances, but if you missed it due to laziness, sad to say, you deserve to pay the deadline penalty. The government developed the ObamaCare health care plans for your own good and you must do your part to get enrolled to it. However, you can still redeem yourself in the latter part of the year and have yourself enrolled. Do not miss this chance and experience the benefits that ObamaCare can give you. If you have questions about ObamaCare, you can go to www.healthcare.gov or contact them directly through 1-800-318-2596. You can also go to a face-to-face meet up to better check your options for your situation.

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