Make American Health Care A National Priority

Many believe it is important to make American health care a national priority to achieve success. The priority status is going to help with enabling the process of developing long-term, innovative financing structures for the healthcare providers. This is separate and apart from developing an environment that is attractive for the domestic production of all medical devices, equipment, and consumables whilst also catalysing study/research and development. Ultimately, funds will be channelled from the banking sector to create the necessary infrastructure for the healthcare system as well as meet the government’s social objectives.

The goal is to improve the citizen’s access to quality and comprehensive healthcare services, something that is crucial for achieving health equity and enhancing the quality of everyone’s healthy life.


ObamaCare Pros and Cons‎

Obamacare is offering many benefits which most people are not aware of. Some will be highlighted below, along with a few of the disadvantages.


Healthcare costs are going to be lowered overall as millions will have insurance and preventative care made free. In the end this will have serious implication on human right as people are going to get treatment before costly emergency room services are required.

Insurance providers cannot deny coverage to persons for pre-existing conditions, increase premiums or drop them once they become sick.

It requires every insurance plan to cover ten essential health benefits, which includes treatment for chronic diseases, mental health, and addiction.

There will be no annual and lifetime limits on health coverage.

Businesses will get tax credits to help with the expenses if health insurance is offered to over fifty employees.

Medicaid will be increased to provide this coverage for the first time to adults who don’t have children.


The insurance company cancel the plans of over thirty million people who purchase private health insurance. The replacement insurance costs will be higher since it provides services which are needed by most.

Over three million stand to lose healthcare plans which are company-sponsored. Many businesses are going to find it more profitable to pay the cost for penalty and allow employees to buy their own insurance policies on the exchanges. Small businesses may find a better plan available through state-run exchanges.

Healthcare costs might increase in the short-term due to increased coverage because many will get preventive testing and care. Additional tests, which include screening for cancer screening, will result in more medical spending.

Apply for Obamacare

This process can be rather daunting to the unskilled and even persons who have used it previously. However, the reality is that the enrollment process through is pretty straightforward. All you need is some basic knowledge and a little bit of time.

In concluding, it is also important to mention Universal Health Services, which is one of the biggest hospital management companies in America. It operates over two hundred ambulatory surgery centers, behaviorial health facilities, and acute care hospitals. The company is aiming to provide affordable, yet quality healthcare, fortify community and physician relationships, among other things.

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