Differences Between Universal Health Care and Private Insurance

Differences between Universal Health Care and Private Insurance

Everybody wants to maintain good health as much as possible. You cannot purely enjoy life if you are suffering from various diseases. However, we are only human and it is inevitable that we get sick eventually. There are preventive measures that you could take though along with regular checkups to keep you from acquiring some diseases. However, these never-ending necessities to take good care of our body surely do cost a lot. To save on medical bills, people get universal health care policies or private health insurances.

Universal Health Care

Universal health care refers to a system of health care that gives out financial and health care protection to everyone. Its development focuses on providing specific benefit packages to its societal members with the aim of giving them protection against financial risk, improved outcome in health and improved health services access. Universal health care does not simply cover everything for a person; it is determined by three critical points: the total cost covered, the services that can be covered and the person who could avail of the services.

Here are some advantages in getting a universal health care plan:

  • Anyone could get this kind of health care plan.
  • Health care is comprehensive.
  • You have the complete freedom to choose your own health care provider.
  • The decisions and needs are up to the patient and the health care provider.
  • Universal health care is more efficient than private health insurance. The average administrative costs of private insurances are 15% while universal health care expenses are less than 2% only.
  • Universal health care plans are offered at low prices.
  • There is a strong containment of costs in health care.
  • You do not have to pay out of your own pocket as much as possible.
  • Universal health cares do not need you to be locked up at a single job or a single company.
  • Universal health care provides less paper work for patients and doctors to fill out. The system is simplified.

Private Insurance

Private insurance is one of the most popular methods that people get to cover their hospital needs. With private health insurance, you would be treated as a private patient whether you choose to stay at a public or private hospital.

Here are the advantages of getting a private medical insurance:

  • Say goodbye to waiting in queues just to get your own private treatment.
  • You can relax and get your peace of mind because you can avail for treatments quickly when things go from worse to worst.
  • You can get your own private room so you do not have to stay win wards along with other patients.
  • You could pick your own doctor or facility where you want to be treated.
  • Visiting hours are unrestricted.
  • Your health care would be continuous after a treatment.

Whether you choose to get an individual health insurance, single-payer healthcare or a private medical insurance is completely up to you. Each has their own pros and cons. Easiest way to pick would have to be finding that private health insurance or health care policy that covers the things you need at an utmost convenience.

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