Is Health Care Government’s Responsibility?

Is Health Care Government’s Responsibility?

Healthcare has been a subject of debate in America for a very long time. Many have been arguing that it should be the government’s responsibility to provide healthcare while in equal measure many have been opposing the move, given the implications it will bring to the economy. So is Health Care Government’s Responsibility? Well there is no clear answer to that but every American has his/her view on this matter.

What is the Majority Saying about Government Health Care?

There had been a 50-50 split on the matter just before President Barrack Obama took over the reins of leadership in White House. Soon after Obama announced his infamous Affordable Act Care, popularly known as ObamaCare, there has been great resistance to the whole thing about government providing healthcare. This is because people saw the real picture of government taking care of citizens’ health insurance.

A recent research shows that 56% of American adults think that it is not the duty of the government to provide healthcare to its citizens. They think people should work hard and not to depend on other people to pay their healthcare. Therefore, a majority is on the view that healthcare is not government’s responsibility.

But even so, the remaining percentage of the undecided and those of affirmative that the government should provide healthcare are all Americans who have their reasons for their stand.

Some of the Views of Americans on Government Providing Health Care

Those in the view that government should provide healthcare argue that health is a basic right of every citizen and that there are those who cannot afford proper healthcare and hence the government should take that is its responsibility. But on the contrary, those against it argue that this will promote laziness among citizens if they have everything provided to them.

Furthermore, if the government takes it as its responsibility, tax payers will have to pay for that, thus increasing burden on taxpayers. The rich, particularly, will not be motivated to make more money if their hard earned money will keep on supporting costs of other citizens.

The Way Forward

Healthcare is a very important sector of the economy and the government should not use its supreme powers to make rulings against the public. The government should therefore provide basic healthcare up to a certain point and encourage its citizens to work hard and provide health insurances for themselves and their families.

Therefore, in a non biased opinion; healthcare should not be the responsibility of the government.

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