Why Marriage Just Doesn’t Work Anymore?

Why Marriage Just Doesn’t Work Anymore?

Marriages today are not like before; they just don’t work! Most of the people are skeptical about this one big question; why not? The concept of marriage is not complicated; fall in love, spend time together and if everything goes well, get married and live life together till the end. Our ancestors, great grandparents, and grandparents. All of them followed the same concept. However, things are changing, people are changing, sexual interests are changing, finances are crippling us, and many other things, today, are affecting a happy married life. Let’s talk about four biggest reasons marriage just doesn’t work anymore.

Sexless Marriage

Sex is an important part of every kind of relationship and most of the people are sexual as well. It connects two souls, but what if when you are not making love? Cutting off the physical connection is the most common reason of divorce and separation. People get bored with the same thing and they don’t even experiment with new things as they don’t get time from their busy schedule. Take out time, you both have some fantasies; implement them. Your marriage will never be successful if you ignore having sex. Make love and make it adventurous before your better half has an affair with someone else, then you would have to get a Postnuptial Agreement after infidelity which is something you don’t want to see.


Today, education is expensive, health care is even more expensive, buying a real estate is barely thinkable. Nowadays, students look for jobs in order to pay for their loans, living expenses, mortgages, and everything is so complicated and difficult. This stress separates the couple. How can a couple remain jovial in such situations? You usually think twice before going to dinner, as you have to pay home loan or mortgage. Couples usually start skipping important aspects of their lives, such as anniversary gifts, romantic dinners, movies, and so on. In today’s world, it is unrealistic to live the way our parents or grandparents lived. Nevertheless, there are many couples who are coping up with each other and trying their best to live together even if finances crippling them. Since finance is always a crucial issue, that’s why so many couples are getting a prenup agreement before marriage due to lack of confidence of the marriage.

Social Media

Yes, social media is definitely beneficial for globalization, but might harm your marriage. Nowadays, couples remain more connected, yet completely disconnected. Using Whatsapp or Facebook Messenger instead of calling their partners, sending beautiful quotes to compliment each other, but not speaking with each other. Social media is essential, but not crucial, and only a few people understand this. Unfortunately, social media is also a big reason marriages do not work anymore. While having dinner, couples think about “what status they should put on their social media account, which selfie is more appropriate for the cyberspace”, instead of sharing moments with each other.

We want Attention

Believe it or not, but we look for attention instead of love. Obviously, this rule is not suitable for everyone; however, it is extremely common. The day we’ll stop seeking attention from everyone else, we will be able to remain jovial and enjoy our married life.


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