Universal Health Care in the United States?

Universal Health Care in the United States?

Should there be universal health care in the United States? This question is up for debate and it’s going to be a hot topic for some time to come as the ObamaCare system is implemented. In a universal health care system the doctors, hospitals. Nurses, dentists and other health care individuals remain independent. In a socialized system the entire system is run by the government. Here are some pros and cons of universal health care.

Pros of the Universal Health Care System

If you don’t have a job tomorrow you’ll lose your insurance and you would have no way of paying for health care if you got sick. If you are under a universal system you don’t have to worry about health care because this is provided for you. This system is popular because you don’t have to pay for health care when you need it the most. The system is available to anyone that requires it regardless of their circumstances.

In the US health care is quite expensive and citizen pay more than any other developed nation. Under universal health care, the costs are going to be much less. The costs are less than a private system and there’s less overhead to process things such as insurance and medical needs. The large single system reduces prices so services are lower cost. Under a universal health care system those that don’t have insurance would have to pay into the system with taxes which help to bring down the expenses of others that pay for insurance costs. This is the same as providing taxes to work on roads, education and so on so it’s not some sort of forced taxation upon people. The system has everyone pay to some degree to help keep the system running properly. If you do lose your job, then your costs for health care will go down because you can’t afford higher rates.

Cons of the System

In universal health care there’s no competition in the marketplace so the types of services you may have might not be that great. You could end up waiting a long time to receive services as those ahead of you with worse conditions are given priority in the system. These wait times could cause people with conditions to deteriorate in the time they have to wait to get a simple procedure done that may improve their quality of life. When there’s universal health care the government will want a piece of any major breakthrough and this will slow down innovations in the medical field. Many companies may leave because there’s no profits to be made and this could hurt the US economy as there’s not as much competition for innovative products.

The government is in charge of a universal health care system and the government is known for being quite poor at running things and this would translate to health care as well. There’s always red tape and things that take forever to do because of bureaucracy. The health of patients can be put at risk under this sort of system even though there’s good intentions involved simply because of the size and scope of the system which is massive.

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