Should Healthcare be a Human Right?

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Should Healthcare be a Human Right?

I still remembered, when in 2008, Obama made a speech in his election campaign that health care should be a human right for everyone in America. Even after the eight years of power as president of America, the health care yet not becomes free for everyone. As compared to other countries, America is known as one of the most expensive place to get health care services where in other countries like Canada and United Kingdom, the health care services are free or mostly depend on the taxation of the person.

People all around the world praise the American economy and came every year to America for better lifestyle, to get freedom of living, earn money and enjoy the democracy, but unfortunately, Americans travel to other countries to get medical treatment because in America, they could not afford to pay the bill of hospitals and other medical treatments. Because they are much higher in term of cost as compare to other countries.

The debate, whether the health care should be a human right or not is not something new in America. Every time near the election, the candidate makes unrealistic promises like to make the health care services free for everyone. We have seen different feedbacks from the Americans. Not all Americans agree that the health care should be a human right. They believe that, unlike any other services like food which is not free to avail, healthcare should not be available for free. But yes, everyone agrees that it should be at affordable cost. By decreasing the prices of different treatment and hospital expenses, you can make it possible for everyone to afford their medical treatments.

Today in America, the healthcare is medicated with the help of insurance coverage. Public and private companies are offering different healthcare insurance plan to the citizens, which are based on private or employer based cover. But this does not mean that the government does not play any role in the health care of the citizen.

There are many medical programs which are being offered by the government like Medicare and Medicaid, etc. Medicare is a federal government program to provide free health care services to senior people who are older than 65 or older where there are free programs are for disabled young people etc. Government also offer’s the flexible healthcare solutions to lower income citizen as well.

The people who are not in the favor of free health care services believe that this is not a basic human right because you are taking services from the doctor in the same way like a baker did not give you bread for free. If health care is basic right then everything which are necessary to live a life like food, etc should be available for free because these are basic rights of human beings too.

I could not conclude on the bases of both who are in favor, and who are against this because they both have their pros and cons, but I could suggest that government need to take a look at the healthcare policy of America and make it more flexible for everyone like it is happening in Canada and UK where people pay for their health care in advance as tax or their employer deducts a specific amount of money from the salary which is later used to pay medical bills.

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    My father who passed away eight years ago stated to me that America will never give our people a universal health care system. The reason he gave me why this is so is because the American medical association and the drug companies have immense power in Washington dc. This kind of power is insane but our congress and president just cannot get enough of their donations to get reelected.

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