Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care

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Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care

When we talk about universal health care we are referring to health care that’s paid for or subsidized by the government, which is also called single-payer health care system. Since World War II most countries of the world offer some form of universal health care for their citizens. So what are the pros and cons of this type of health care system? Should there be universal health care for the United States? There are many issues on American’s health care system regardless the fate of ObamaCare which is also known as Affordable Care Act. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons list of universal health care.


  • The main advantage of this type of health care is it gives people that can’t afford health care the services they need. This health care system allows basic health are services for all citizens s it doesn’t discriminate against anyone. It helps those that aren’t employed or have other difficulties get health care when they need it the most.
  • The entire population spreads around the cost of the health care so everyone can at least get the basic care that they need.
  • Citizens can get free treatments for basic conditions without the fear of not being able to afford them. This can help reduce the spread of infectious diseases and other common health problems that people may ignore if they can’t afford health care.
  • It’s easier with universal health care to have everyone under one system. Doctors can concentrate on patients and not problems with insurance and other factors


  • This type of health care system often results in long wait times for patients and not everyone may receive the type of care that they need. Since this type of system is run by the government there can be a lot of red tape and bureaucracy that can result in poor care especially if the country is already poor and doesn’t have a lot of revenues to spend on the care of its citizens.
  • Those with higher incomes may complain that their money is going to pay for the health care of other citizens when it should be going to pay for their own health care.
  • People may abuse the system and seek care for conditions which don’t require a visit to the hospital and these people can tax the system and cause unnecessary burdens on the system.
  • Universal health care eliminates the free market for health care where prices may be lower.
  • Universal health care often has a lot of rules and regulations that people have to follow.
  • Implementing a universal health care system causes an increase in taxes as the system needs to be paid for. The overall costs if the system can be draining on a country and causes large debts.
  • Governments aren’t that great at running large systems and the fact that the government runs health care can lead to a lot of problems. To run the health care system there may need to be cuts made in other areas of the government which weaken those areas to compensate for the need of the health care system.

Pros and Cons of Universal Health CareThere will always be a debate over the pros and cons of universal health care. Like all systems, there’s going to be a lot of debate about just how to go about it.

10 Comments to “Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care”

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  2. Nanci Y says:

    I have concerns about the percentage of donations that go for administrative costs,i.e. mailouts, rallies, for this initiative. I believe in the concept but am concerned about implementation.

    • Michael says:

      Really? What about all the administrative costs including profits that using insurance companies contribute to the overall costs.

  3. Tina says:

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  4. Aliesa says:

    If this is the pros and cons list updated for this year. What will the system be like if the cons don’t really show up if the economy really doesn’t take it for granted in the state that this here website insisted? Would taking an unnecessary precaution cause more destruction toward the people than the program as they so predicted. I will say that taking that type of precaution towards the topic was smart although it did not justice to the actual problem, to where people that actually need the care is not getting it and are in more tight spots than regular family’s that are doing just fine. Though the weight of both sides do not weigh equal to each other wouldn’t the risk be worth it if the family’s do get the help that they so much deserve so it doesn’t seem fair to throw a topic that can help tons of people away after a little bit of the cons list seem far more than the pros. Dis-spite the fear you have for the program seems a tad bias? I mean don’t get me wrong taking on a program that int he end blows up in your face does indeed seem fright full but the problems that await or surface if we don’t do something about the current spot that we are self but us in will not benefit us in the future. So if we are to try to use a new way to not create more ugly would it not be fair to look at the option and think for the moment that it can help and put a list a current solution to the issue.

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