Massachusetts Health Care – RomneyCare

The Massachusetts health care system is also called the RomneyCareThe Massachusetts health care system is also called the RomneyCare which in official terms is also referred to as the initiative to provide quality oriented, affordable and accountable health care system to the US citizens. Designed in 2006 in the form of law, it was enacted in 2006. And further it was signed to give the legal status by the then governor Mitt Romney. The law underlines the fact that the residents of the Massachusetts should enroll themselves into the insurance programmes regulated by the state government .It has also made it clear that it was applicable for all those residents with an income less than 150% of the stipulated level of federal poverty level (FPL) for that matter. The intention of the bill rests primarily to cover 95% of the population who are uninsured and comes to a figure of 50m000,0 within a stipulated person of three years.

However the law had undergone several changes and amendments in the years 2008, 2010,   and 2012. During the year 2012, the bill saw certain amendments relating to price controls regarding the health care industry. The public authority established with independent functioning power also known as Health Connector acting as insurance broker. Its role in offering private insurance pans to residents has earned it the title.

The reformatory steps taken in this direction have given authority to the law to include penalties in the form of tax on the failure of the residents who fail to obtain the plan. The govt moved strictly in line with the policy that in 2007, Massachusetts tax filers who did not get the benefit of the personal tax exemption worth $219 on their income tax. The highlight of the programme is that it makes possible the public accessibility to health care.

And at the same time, the Pros and Cons of Massachusetts Health Care, RomneyCare are also should be underlined.” It should also be noted that it does not allow equal high quality health care in the sense that the wealthy can have the option for better health care. And moreover, there is concern that as the health cost rise, the services enlisted in the health care provision for the poor may be curtailed.  Overall, the highlight of the scheme is that it ensures overall health care protection for all residents irrespective of their income levels. And such a step from the part of the government can increase the quality of health of the citizens. And moreover, better health corresponds with better health for work force and better health for children as well.

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