Is Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Medicaid?

Is Wisconsin’s BadgerCare Medicaid?

A person’s health is always important. All of your efforts will be put to waste if you or your loved one would get sick.  You would not be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor anymore since you would have to pay for the expensive hospital fees. Because of this, it is highly advisable for people to get a health insurance to aid them in times of medical crisis. If you still do not have one and happen to be a citizen of Wisconsin, then BadgerCare Plus is something that you should look into.

BadgerCare Plus

BadgerCare is a reimbursement program of health care that was started by Tommy Thompson, a former governor of Wisconsin. It took into effect on the 1st of July 1999. The main aim of BadgerCare is to provide a health care policy for the citizens of Wisconsin who have employers that do not sponsor them with one and for those people who earned more money than the limit set by Medicaid.

BadgerCare was then altered to BadgerCare Plus by 2008. BadgerCare Plus offers great expansion of the original coverage scope. It is designed that way so that many (or all) of the children of Wisconsin would also have access to it. Adults who had no children but planning to have one someday were also allowed to ask for a coverage expansion since 2009.

BadgerCare Eligibility

You can find all the details of BadgerCare Eligibility on the BadgerCare Plus Handbook. Here are some of the basic sections of the requirements to qualify for this health care policy:

  • Non-Financial Requirements
    • BadgerCare Plus Group
    • Residence
    • Immigration and Citizenship
    • Third Party and Medical Support
    • Social Security Requirement
    • Health Insurance Access and Coverage Requirements
    • Verification
    • Child Welfare Parents
    • Former Foster Care Youth
    • Migrant Workers
  • Financial Requirements
    • BadgerCare Income Limits
    • Deductibles
    • BadgerCare Plus Extensions
    • Premiums
    • Assets

BadgerCare Application

Is Wisconsin's BadgerCare Medicaid?Did you meet all of the qualifications for the BadgerCare Plus? Then the next step would be applying for the said health care policy. There are around six ways that you could try to apply:

  • BadgerCare Access
  • Send a mail using BadgerCare’s Packet for Application (F-10182)
  • Interview via telephone.
  • Have a one-on-one interview personally.
  • Applying online with the use of the application form available on the Marketplace.
  • Apply on the telephone via Marketplace.

For all applications that were passed to the local agency, the date of filing is on the day that you signed the registration/application form. You should have them sent to the Income Maintenance agency right away or within one business day. The applications of those who filled up on the BadgerCare Access are submitted electronically right away.

You can research more online on BadgerCare Access or visit the offices to know more about BadgerCare Plus. Do not put your or your family’s health at risk. You can use BadgerCare on many medical fields: BadgerCare dentists, doctors, surgeries, etc. Apply for a BadgerCare Plus and prepare yourselves for a rainy day.


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