Healthcare in the United States Compared to Other Countries

Healthcare in the United States Compared to Other Countries

The USA healthcare insurance system is unique in comparison to other industrialized nations. The USA has no uniform healthcare system, and no universal healthcare system either. The article compares the USA healthcare system with other countries regarding health care costs and national growth rate in the past few years.

Generally speaking, the USA spends more on healthcare as compared to other countries, but it lacks efficient and immediate health facilities as most of the people have poor sanitary conditions.

The United States, Highest Spender on Health

The data from 2013 shows that the USA spent 17.1% of its gross domestic product (GDP) on healthcare and amazingly the amount was 50% higher than the second most spender, France with 11%, on healthcare. This percentage of the USA was double as compared to the UK amount invested in healthcare.

According to many resources the USA spends more than $9000 on every individual in providing national healthcare.

Public Spending on Healthcare in the United States is the Highest

The public cost regarding healthcare in the USA is higher as compared to other countries except Norway and Netherlands. This is also a fact that studies revealed the USA as the only country with no universal healthcare.

In a program of healthcare, more than 35% percent of the residents were provided full coverage of services in the USA. The cost of public spending seems to be increasing gradually, and it will be much higher as compared to today relatively to other countries.

Though the United States Spends the Most, Americans have the Least Hospitals

Though the USA is the country that pays maximum and even the most on healthcare and its health services costs are relatively higher, the number of hospitals and practicing doctors are very few in comparison to other countries.

According to the stats of 2012, Japanese have 12.1 physician visits; Canadian has 9.6 while it was very low in the USA with 6.1 doctor visits.

The United States Appeared the Greatest Consumer of Medicines

The Americans have come up as the top medicine consumers all around the world. When the survey was conducted in the USA and other countries as well, the USA appeared on top regarding medical treatments and use of latest technology in medication. Japan was second in that report.

Commonwealth report showed that the Americans and people of New Zealand are the highest drug users in the world as well.

The State has Poor Population Growth Despite It Spends a Lot

This is a fact that the cost of healthcare being paid on Americans is the highest; they don’t have enough facilities for medical purposes at the national level. The life expectancy is very low as compared to other healthcare countries. The infantry and mortality rates are higher as well. The hospitals are not enough, and if there are a few, they lack skilled and experienced doctors who can serve there for the public.

The United States has a better healthcare insurance system, but the costs should be changed into right directions on the national level for improvement and better outcomes regarding health services.

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