Pros and Cons of Universal Health Care

Everyone deserves at least basic health care irrespective of their origin, background, and financial status. Recently, there was a coalition made of over 500 leading health and development organizations from all corners of the world urging governments to fasten reforms that will see everyone, everywhere, can have access to quality health care without being forced into poverty – This is what has been the underlying principle of universal health care.… Read More

Bernie Sanders : Pros and Cons of Single-Payer Health Care (MEDICARE-For-ALL)

Pros and Cons of Bernie Sanders’ Single Payer Health Care (Healthcare for All) We are at that point of the year where every presidential hopefuls and leading candidates will unravel their plans to make America better. At the moment, it looks like the health plan between the two leading democratic candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sander is what is going to make the difference for who will become the party flag bearer. There has been much talk about how the … Read More

Single-Payer Health Care

Single Payer Health Care Have you heard about a single payer plan, but is unfamiliar with it really is? Knowing what this is will surely be of great help to you and your overall health care plan. Here are some basics about it. What Is Single Payer Health Care? Single payer health care definition is the system for which the government pays for all health care costs. The system may either acquire a service from another organization commonly a private … Read More

Countries with Universal Health Care

Is it time for an universal health care system (Medicare-for-all) in the United States? The question whether universal health care plan should be implemented in United States has lingered on for years. There have been debates and arguments whether universal health care is the ideal solution to give millions of American who cannot afford health insurance a lifeline.… Read More

Is Single-Payer Health Care System A Good Idea?

Single-payer health care, as you may well know, is a system where the government make the payments for health care. These payments come from your taxes. On this page we are going to take a little look at the pros and cons of a single-payer health system, particularly in Canada. We are also going to discuss a little bit about the difference between single-payer healthcare v Obamacare. Is Single-payer health care system a good idea? The main benefit of a … Read More

Single Payer Health Care

SINGLE PAYER 101 WHAT IS SINGLE PAYER? Single payer refers to a way of financing health care, which includes both the collection of money for health care and reimbursement of providers for health care costs. In a single payer system, both the collection of funds and the reimbursement are the responsibility of one entity: the government. The government collects funds from individuals and businesses, mainly in the form of taxes, and the government reimburses providers for health care services delivered … Read More